poundtoken announces integration with Crypto APIs, to expand customer base

LONDON, 27th September 2022: poundtoken (GBPT), the first British Isles regulated stablecoin (IOM FSA) backed 1:1 by pound sterling, has today announced that it is now integrated in Crypto APIs. The stablecoin is now available for the customers of the blockchain infrastructure platform which boasts over 100 REST API endpoints and supports more than 30 blockchain networks. The collaboration between poundtoken and Crypto APIs will provide a wide range of business customers – such as Nexo, Ledger, and Cashaa – with the possibility to operate with the stablecoin via a trusted and secure system.

Crypto APIs’ blockchain infrastructure helps businesses, developers and institutions easily operate with digital assets, query blockchain data, setup webhooks and more. The company product suite includes  blockchain data, blockchain events, wallet as a service, node as service, key management system, as well as different tools for managing HD wallets and setting up forwardings all from a single place.  The company is a preferred blockchain API provider for different businesses, including crypto wallets, hardware wallets, custody providers, taxes and accounting companies, trading platforms, and exchanges amongst many others. All of Crypto APIs customers will be able to use the GBPT stablecoin and operate with it using the full suite of tools. As part of the integration, users will be able to store poundtoken in their wallets, transact securely from and to their addresses, setup webhooks for transfers, check historical and live data and more.

“Crypto APIs simplification of the blockchain process is a key factor for poundtoken’s integration,” said Christian Walker, Head of Partnerships at poundtoken. “As we continue to grow it is vital that our foundations offer our key principles when it comes to offering holders ease and security when using our product. Crypto APIs offers us both of those, especially as the crypto space progresses and brings in new customers that want simplicity.”

“We’re delighted to add poundtoken to our services,” said Beduil Dauis, Chief Business Development Officer at Crypto APIs. “Two key areas many businesses and customers are looking for in the crypto space are asset security and user simplicity. Our partnership provides both as we facilitate the access to blockchain, whilst poundtoken offers a token that has solid regulatory backing by the Financial Conduct Services Authority and a transparent philosophy. We’re excited to be working with poundtoken and look forward to growing with each other.”

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