GBPT, The 1st regulated GBP stablecoin, will now be supported by web3 payments platform Helio.

Helio, the  UK-based web3 payments platform for e-commerce merchants & creators, has announced that it now supports Poundtoken’s GBPT stablecoin. This integration enables  merchants and creators  to conveniently  accept GBPT alongside hundreds of digital currencies on the Helio platform. Expanding its range of supported tokens marks the most recent step in Helio’s mission to facilitate effortless digital currency transactions for everyone, especially those new to crypto payments.

Stijn Paumen, CEO and Co-Founder of Helio said: “We’re excited to bring the first regulated GBP stablecoin to our platform. Now, our merchants will be able to seamlessly accept pounds in the form of a GBP stablecoin, leveraging the instant and cost effective payments that only blockchain can provide.We hope this has far-reaching implications not just for our customers, but also for the British crypto economy as a whole.” 

Helio’s offering is centred around a web3 payment infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with web2 applications. Sellers can monetise anything from physical goods to digital content with native payment support with a wide selection of cryptocurrencies across Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Polygon.

Today Helio facilitates transactions for over 75,000 unique active wallets and is trusted by more than 3,000 merchants, reporting uptime of 99.99%.Helio has also partnered with  some of the largest web2 and web3 brands, including Solana, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magic Eden to facilitate seamless cryptocurrency payments.

Poundtoken’s GBPT is the first British Isles-regulated, 100% backed stablecoin with proof of reserve. “With this integration, we hope that new financial avenues are opened for the international crypto community and the British economy as a whole. We’re very happy to be helping Helio with their efforts to break down barriers to financial inclusion for all. ” said Mike Crosbie, CEO of Poundtoken

GBPT’s stablecoin awaits its launch on Solana in the coming year. “Working closely with Solana for the native issuance of GBPT has been an exciting and strategic decision for us. The demand from Solana’s vibrant community, combined with the numerous innovative applications on their platform, aligns perfectly with our vision for GBPT. This collaboration not only responds to the community’s needs but also opens up a myriad of possibilities, enhancing the utility and reach of GBPT in the global crypto ecosystem.”

ABOUT Helio 

Helio provides a suite of payment tools for e-commerce merchants, and internet entrepreneurs, making it easy for anyone to accept USDC and other digital currencies. Designed for ease of use, especially those new to crypto payments, Helio is a faster and more cost effective alternative to traditional payment methods. 

Founded by a team of experienced builders with two successful SaaS exits, Helio is backed by leading VCs including Lightspeed Ventures and Peak Capital. Empowering over 3,000 sellers and 75,000+ active wallets, Helio supports major blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and Polygon. 

Helio streamlines integrations for all types of sellers, including ticketing, digital content and subscriptions, across all websites and apps like Discord, YouTube, TradingView, and Twitch. Partnerships with Solana, Magic Eden, Shopify, and WooCommerce underscore Helio’s expanding role in reshaping digital payments. 

ABOUT Poundtoken

The first British regulated and 100% backed GBP stablecoin issuer. is the sole issuer of the GBPT ($GBPT) stablecoin. GPBT is the GBP stablecoin of choice allowing 24/7 real-time settlements and is the first British regulated 100% backed GBP stablecoin issuer with real-time proof of reserve, minting protection and monthly attestations from a big 4 accountancy firm.

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