Grecia Ballard joins poundtoken as Head of Compliance & MLRO

January 23rd 2023: poundtoken announces the appointment of Grecia Ballard at the company’s headquarters in Douglas, Isle of Man.

“We are thrilled to welcome Grecia Ballard as our Head of Compliance at poundtoken. With her wealth of experience, she will be a valuable asset to our team as we strive to ensure compliance with regulations and maintain the highest standards of integrity. Grecia’s expertise will be instrumental in helping us navigate the complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape.” -Alan Sun, CEO of

Grecia is a highly experienced compliance professional with an extensive background in economics and regulation. She holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Economics and has a deep understanding of law and economics, regulation, risk management, compliance, corporate governance, behavioral economics, anti-financial crime, AML/CFT, corporate intelligence, and legal argumentation.

Grecia has held several senior roles in the past, including being the Regulatory and Economics Affairs Chief Advisor for Mexico’s antitrust agency, COFECO, for several years. After moving to the Isle of Man in 2009, she spent a number of years in the Assurance Industry, before moving onto the trust and corporate services industry as Head of Compliance and MLRO.

From 2021, Grecia was able to fulfill her dream of working in the digital asset industry as Head of Compliance & MLRO. This industry represents the biggest challenge on her career so far, as it is a nascent and fast-paced industry in terms of not only technological innovation but also regulatory innovation.

To stay current with the industry’s developments, Grecia has completed several diplomas from reputed institutions. She completed three diplomas from the International Compliance Association (ICA), including the ‘Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Governance, Risk & Compliance’ (residential lessons at the University of Oxford) and became a fellow member of the ICA. Additionally, she has completed the ‘Regulation Diploma’ from the London School of Economics (LSE), ‘Fintech Regulatory Innovation Diploma’ from the University of Cambridge, and ‘Crypto AML Compliance Diploma’ from the Basel Institute, International Centre of Asset Recovery. Grecia is currently an LLM Corporate Governance candidate at the University of Cumbria.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Grecia is also an ultrarunner and has completed several endurance events including the Marathon des Sables (255 Kms across the Sahara Desert over 7 days) in April 2022 and is currently preparing for the Dragon’s Back Race in September 2023 (380 Kms across the Welsh mountains, climbing twice the height of the Everest over 6 days). She also plans to complete the Isle of Man Lighthouses Challenge, a 100 Miles cycling event in July this year.

On her free time, Grecia is an avid reader of philosophy, sociology, social anthropology and neuroscience, and is particularly fascinated by the brain’s architecture and plasticity, as she is a long-term meditator. She also enjoys traveling the world with her husband and son and visiting family in Mexico.

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